Collection: Hawai'ian Koa Aroma Diffuser Necklace Trio

This collection features three authentic Hawai'ian Koa aroma diffuser necklaces. With a rose gold tone, yellow gold tone, and chrome finish necklace you'll never have to worry about what outfit your pendant will match. They are hand crafted by artisan woodworkers in Hawai'i. Fill each bottle with your Hawaii Flavor & Fragrance perfume or your favorite essential oil and wear it throughout the day. 

Koa wood is legendary in Hawai'i as one of the most gorgeous species on the planet. Endemic to the islands of Hawai'i it is rare with tiger flashes of mesmorizing shine. Each of our one of a kind necklaces has been exclusively selected to optimize the superior curl and radiance in the finish.

In Hawaii the word "Koa" means bold, fearless, brave or warrior. Historically it has been used for centries to craft canoes, and weapons of Hawai'ian warriors. In modern times it has become a luxurios choice for artisans to create rich heirloom pieces from jewelry to ukulele's and fine home furnishings.

Our founder spent years in the Koa forests of the Big Island. Her first perfrume bottles were crafted from scrap Koa selected from an old saw mill on the slopes of Mauna Loa. She spent weekends hand selecting the pieces with the most curl. As the years past the desire for additoinal heirloom quality items emerged. We now source from many artisan Koa woodworkers on Oahu, Big Island and Maui. 

All necklaces are shipped in our signature gift box with satin pillow.